Oreo Information
The amount of cream in an Oreo is 3 grams. I found out this information by going to the science lab in my school and got out a measuring scale. It measures in grams. So I could tell by the fact that the scale said the Oreo weighed 3 grams that the Oreo weighed 3 grams. Also I had only put the cream on the scale. So I had to take out the cream with a spoon. The scale has a little hammer that when you move the weights on the hammer goes up and down and when the line on the hammer matches up with the line on the scale you know what weight it is. It is useful because it is something to support my hypothesis. It also helps me understand my experiment because I can guess if there is 3 grams worth of cream in this Oreo. It makes it easier to make a good hypothesis.
What is the length you can spread oreo cream on a cutting board?
My hypothesis is that based on my research I came up with a guess that the cream will spread 45 centimeters long because the cream weighed 3 grams so I x it by 15.
Pack of Oreos
Cutting board
Note book

1. Collect a pack of Oreos and a cutting board.

2. Open 1 of the Oreos so that the cream is showing and if the cookie breaks than keep doing it until you broke one in half that the cookie does not break (what the pack of Oreos is for.)

3. Put the cutting board on a table and hold it still with one hand so that the other hand is free.
4. Use the cracked open Oreo and scrape the cream from one side of the cookie on the cutting board starting from one side of the cutting board to the other than do it the same way again but make sure the one line of cream does not end up touching the other line of cream.

5. Do this until no more cream comes off the Oreo.

6. Measure how long the cream is in inches with a ruler.

7. Repeat step 1-5 three times.

8. Average the amount of cream. I recommend a calculator or computer. To average it, just add up the answers you got and divide it by 4.

Data Collection