1. A mixture of various decaying organic substances, as dead leaves or manure, used for fertilizing soil.
2. A composition; compound.
‚Äč3. To use in compost, make compost of: to compost manure and kitchen scraps.
4. To apply compost to (soil).

What it does.

Composting is when you return something to the earth that was once taken. For example say you picked a banana from a tree, ate it, and was left with the peel. You would probably just throw it in a trash can and you go on with your life but there is something better you can do, COMPOSTING!

Composting works by decomposing things put into it. Say you put a banana peel in a simple composter when you do that microorganisms will break it down in the presence of oxygen until it can be safely stored.

What is the point?

Composting helps reuse things being used and not be wasted. You might not realize this but composting will not only help earth but also give you fertile soil that can easily be used for gardens and plants. JUst sprinkle some COMPLETELY decomposed soil on your flower bed.

How to make a composter

Composters are simple and easy to make from larg piles to just a box will work!

I am going to teach you how to make a composter out of a simple plastic trashcan.

  1. Get a average size plastic trash can.
  2. Make holes in the trashcan all areound it not just at the top. You need to do this because the microbes need oxygen to do the actual composting!
  3. Put chopped up plant peices in the trashcan, half being green things (grass, leaves,etc.) and half dry materials (newspaper, cardboard, etc.). You dont need to fill the whole can at once.
  4. Spray water on the plants until the materials are moist but NOT soggy!
  5. Put on the lid of the trashcan
  6. If you use a metal can then place it up ontop of some cinder blocks or logs a few inches above the ground.
  7. Everyonce and a while turn the container on its side and rol it mixing the materials inside.
  8. At anytime add more plant materials and paper to the can.
  9. When the material inside starts to fell dry spray more water on the plant with the same needs as #4.
  10. Harvest your compost after about a month and use it for planting or anything else (you should probrobly put wire or some holed net like thing to strain unfinished compost from finished.
  11. The last step is to enjoy your composter!
These are what some premade composters look like.