PA Families

Different Families

What types of families do we have out there? How can we tailor our kits to meet their needs?

Organized families:
The way we can tailor their needs is by having something small and compact that won't get in their way
inventing/finding a Tupperware container that has different sized sections for different things so they can keep their organized fashion.
Unorganized families:
Find a way to make a plan that would be easy to follow such as having a way to have them practice a plan that relates to their neighbor hoods, or follow a schedule. Also a way for them to have a place to keep their kit that would be easy to access such as in a drawer or cabinet. They could have something that wouldnt take to much room.
Big families:
I am hoping to find a way to create something that will be helpful to busy parents and easy for the children to reach in emergencies. I also was thinking that for larger families with more younger children there should be small toys that wouldnt take to much room but that would keep them busy while the parent(s) try to figure things out like calling the police.
Small families:
In these kinds of families they don't need as large of a container as other ones. We should make something
In between families:

Disaster Kit
What do families need to be prepared?