Focus Area
What did you make progress on today?
What questions do you have at this point in your project
What will your start or continue to work on next time?
Aspects of your project that are complete
Starting plan
I added new things to my notes page and i found out what i can do. I also brainstormed new Ideas.
No question
brainstorming the kits
Today I added to my notes page about families, over the weekend and week I am going to build the different kits and take pictures.
I am wondering what kinds of containers I can use on each kind of families?
Almost notes
making my conceptual kit
What I did today was make a list of items in the disaster kits. Then I started making my conceptual kit which was pulling pictures ito smart notebook.
Continue on my conceptual kit.
making my final project
Today I worked on my final project for Disaster Preparedness. I am making a power point and I got pretty far on it. I will work on the powerpoint at home and then it is due next period!!
continue on my final project
almost everything!!!