Congratulations and welcome to your new job at the Weather Channel! You have demonstrated a passion for environmental issues and possess the necessary problem solving skills to motivate and educate the public on our environment.
Your Team Responsibilities
Your job will entail researching information necessary for developing a public campaign to inform people of an environmental
or weather related issue. Here you will be preparing ways to “educate” the public. However, your team will also
need to inspire people to take action. It is not enough to know about what to do, people must act appropriately. In some
cases, they will need to act proactively. You will need to carefully design a campaign that will create interest and interaction.
You must consider the audience you choose and tailor your message and media to them. Your challenge will be to
understand the challenges and issue
s, create a media campaign responsive to your audience and inspire them to action.

Here are the topics in which we need your passion and skills. Please read all of the topics and sign up for your indivudal part in the environmental campaign. Good luck!

Go Green Challenge Project




Recycling Requirements

Recycling Requirements 2

Recycling Resource List

Recycling Resource List 2

Recycling Notes 1

Recycling Notes 2


Recycling Public Campaign 2


Recycling Progress Log

Recycling Progress Log 2

Energy Conservation Going On An Energy Diet

Susan Hoops

Matty Smith

Energy Requirements 1

Energy Requirements 2

Energy Resource List 1

Energy Resource List 2

Energy Notes 1

Energy Notes 2

Energy Public Campaign 1

Energy Public Campaign 2

Energy Progress Log 1

Energy Progress Log 2

Global Warming Climate Changes with Serious Consequences


Mia Lake

Global Warming Requirements 2
Global Warming Requirements 3
Global Warming Resources Page

Global Warming Resource Page 2
Global Warming Resource Page 3
Global Warming Notes

Global Warming Notes 2
Global Warming Notes 3
Global Warming Public Relations Campaign

Global Warming Public Realtions Campaign 2
Global Warming Public Relations Campaign 3
Global Warming Progress Log

Global Warming Progress Log 2
Global Warming Progress Log 3

Understanding Water & Weather Informing the Public


Water and Weather Requirements

Water and Weather Resources Pages

Water and Weather Notes

Water and Weather Public Service Campaign

Water and Weather Progress Log

Disaster Preparedness Will Your Family Be Ready?

Beth Pink

Niki Chiki

Disaster Requirements

Disaster Requirements 2

Disaster Resource Pages

Disaster Resource Pages 2

Disaster Notes

Disaster Notes 2

Disaster Public Service Campaign

Disaster Public Service Campaign 2

Disaster Progress Log

Disaster Prgress Log 2