Have the next big toy or game idea under your belt? The one that will have people lining up at stores?

Here’s your chance to flaunt your ideas and get your name out there with the Invention Dimension Challenge! Enter compelling ideas for toys, board games and sports equipment.

With a dab of enthusiasm, a hint of creativity, and a dash of dedication and motivation you can be the next game, toy. or board game inventor! Follow this link to discover what the Invention Convention is all about and how you can start today!

Deadline for Submissions
Competition Period: Competition begins on 10/01/09 at 12:00 Noon (ET); and ends on 01/29/10; 12:00 Noon (ET).

Top Ten Toy Websites of 2009

Analysis of Games
Analysis of Toys and Games:
Positive and Negative Attribute Chart

Inspiration from Inventors Like YOU
Young Inventors


Planning- Step One
Identifying Problems Around Us

Building a Game or Toy to Solve a Problem or an Issue

Problems Brainstorm Chart

Planning- Step Two
Invention Project Plan-
Use this template to plan out your invention project after you have determine your idea, the problem you are addressing, and how you are going about solving your problem through and invention. Click on the document to open it and then immediately go to
  1. FILE
  2. SAVE AS
  3. save in your ATP shares folder
  4. File name: your name of the invention

Please review your project plan and determine the research information you still need to gather before moving onto the next step. Record all of the new research information you find on your Invention Project Plan and site ALL resources you used to find the information. This is a vital step in developing your conceptual ideas of your invention and it will be reviewed before you move to Step 3.

Planning- Step Three
Did anyone invent this Invention Before Me?

Before you get too far along with your idea, innovation, or product, it makes good sense to make sure that no one has thought of something like it before. You can search for similar ideas either at US Patent Office's web page or through Google. Use your 5 keywords in your Invention Project Plan that relate to your invention idea to help obtain better search results.

Patent Sites


Planning- Step Four
Conceptual and/or Design Build

Here you will create a final webpage for your invention. On the page you will need to include the following:

  1. Abstract- Overview of your project. What your project claims to solve?
  2. Description/explanation of your invention
    • Use the Mind mapping My Observations- Toys/Games to organize all the elements of your description and them formalize into a paragraph.
    • You must include:
      • Entry Name
      • Specific Description of your idea
      • Kind of Idea or Product
      • What need/problem it addresses
      • Why it is an improvement
  3. Detailed (labeled drawing)
  4. Create a new site to post your description and design.

Inventor's Name
Invention Name and Site
The dynamic stone
Sample Site: The dynamic stone