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Here K-6 gifted students collaborate with one another and global collaborative partners to pursue a greater understanding of the world around us. We look forward to working with classrooms from around the globe by participating in projects that promote our pursuit for knowledge. Please check in periodically to see our progress throughout the year.

December Update: Hot of the press! The GIEP Vincent Podcast is officially here. We worked collaboratively with EV ATP students to share and support each other with ideas on how to publish a great podcast articulating our new learning. This was our first attempt at going public with our own radio station. We happily share our work with you and hope you enjoy the episode. Stay tuned to the next episode coming next month.

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November Update: Find Just Right books and reading levels for advanced readers using the Teacher Book Wizard. Check it out!

UPDATE: All projects which were completed last year are now housed on the 2008-2009 Projects Page. We welcome all new and old visitors to check out our past projects and we look forward to sharing our new learning pursuits as the 2009-2010 year progresses. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Please read and complete the WV ATP Parent Input Form ASAP. The information you provide is vital in preparing for your child's GIEP meeting.

Update: This year the ATP students and I will be using a blog to document our year. Check in frequently to see highlights of the week, student work, surveys, etc.

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